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The Grace Memorial Baptist Church

Church Ministries

New Members: Facilitate the new members transition into this church. Receives and maintain communication with members who join this church fellowship.

Deacons: Supports and assist the Pastor in the work of the church.

Trustees: Cares for the property and finances of the church. Supports the Pastor in carrying out the vision for the church.

Deaconess: Assist the Pastor and Deacons in the spiritual development of the church with an emphasis on serving the needs of women and children, including a monthly clothing outreach program.

Joint Board: Functions as the major advisory council for all church operational issues. This board consist of the Ministers, Deacons and Trustees Ministries under the leadership of the Pastor acting as Chief Officer and Chairperson for all meetings.

Minister of Music: Provides oversight for the church's entire Music Ministry and is responsible for its development and promotion.

Mother's: Consist of mature women both chronological and spiritually, and consistently exhibit strong Christian deportment. Lend guidance to younger males and females.

Golden Disciples: Consist of seniors and retirees. This ministry fosters Christian growth and development, fellowship and nurturing. It also provides opportunities for engaging in activities of interest to seniors.

Security: Provides on-site security during all worship services and various church activities.

Missionary: Is the oversight ministry for all activities directed towards helping persons in need, evangelism and promoting intercessory prayer on behalf of various individuals and groups. Missionaries strive to assist in meeting the specific needs of individuals as necessary and leading souls to Christ.

Adult/Youth Ushers: Consist of adults and children who are doorkeepers in the House of God. They support the worship services and various church-related activities and events and prepare the sanctuary for service.

Pastor's Aid: Takes the leadership role in planning and promoting support and encouragement for the Pastor. This ministry recognizes the Pastor.

Hospitality: Takes the initial lead in welcoming visitors and new members into the church at the 11:00 a.m. worship service. They also provide host and hostess support whenever needed.

Sunday Church School: Objectives are to help lost souls to recognize, understand, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to nurture growth toward perfection (maturity) in Christ in all Christians. The Sunday Church School ministers the Word of God through study and systematic classroom instructions, plays, and other activities. The classes are categorized by age groups.

Scholarship: Is a subordinate ministry of the Youth Ministry. This ministry establishes the eligibility and award process guidelines and organizes and facilitates activities to raise funds for the scholarships. It also provides information and assistance in finding college opportunities.

Transportation: Provides transportation for those without other modes of going to and from church services and events. Transportation is generally provided on Sundays for 11:00 a.m. worship services, prayer services, VBS, revivals and other church and ministry activities as requested.

Youth: Is the oversight ministry for all church efforts directed exclusively towards youth. This ministry seeks to encourage spiritual growth and development among youth and provides a forum for wholesome Christian fellowship.

Mass Choir: Is a component of the Ministry of Music. This choir consist of male and female adults and children who provide musical support for worship services, church activities, outside church engagements, activities of other ministries and as requested by the Pastor. They assist the Pastor by preparing the congregation to receive the preached Word through music of praise and adoration.

Male Chorus: Is a component of the Ministry of Music. This choir consist of adult men who provide musical support for worship services, church activities, outside church engagements and activities requested by the Pastor. They assist the Pastor by preparing the congregation to receive the preached Word through music of praise and adoration.

Nurses: Consist of men and women who assist individuals in worship services in cases of sudden illness or medical emergencies. The nurses do not prescribe or dispense medication, but will administer basic first aid when the need arise. If necessary, they will also contact emergency personnel for transport to the hospital.

Building Fund: Spearheads the fund raising efforts for the church.

Women's Fellowship: Is the oversight ministry for all church activities directed exclusively towards women. The objective is to learn and grown spiritually and to promote the spread of the Gospel through discipleship training. This ministry works cooperatively within the main body of the church by sponsoring activities such as women's retreats and conferences that foster a sense of well-being in our personal lives and in the church today. 

Men's Fellowship: Promotes fellowship and Christian growth among the men of the church by sponsoring spiritual and social events, prayer breakfasts, retreates, conferences and other activities.

Culinary (Food Services): Oversees the planning, preparation and serving of food offered at on-premises church functions. These services include, but are not limited to after worship services, special events, Vacation Bible School, Sunday morning breakfast, meals for the homeless, and the grand oversight of food services.

Dance: Provides spiritual expressions through the art of dancing by both children and adults.

Boy/Girl Scouts: Is to enhance younger boys and girls in the spiritual as well as the outdoor natural activities. This is opened to the children of the church as well as the surrounding community.

Flower: Secures floral arrangements for congregational worship services and other special occasions as may be necessary.

Praise Team: Prepares the congregation for a worshipful atmosphere.

Newsletter: Provide the Church and community with information concerning Spiritual, current events, health and historical facts of our Church and nation. Further, this newsletter will serve as a connecting link between our church and nation. The information included in our newsletter will include all activities of youth and adults.

Christian Education: Is the oversight ministry for all ministry efforts directed toward furthering Christian and secular education for all age groups through various innovative, motivated and spiritual means: Bible study, conferences, libraries, revival, seminars, workshops, and promotion of class instructors.


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